Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

This is a fun and easy DIY project that you can have the kids help with too! So bundle up, head outside and take a nature walk to find some pinecones and make the prefect holiday gift. 


Pine Cones, baking sheet, foil, ziplock bag, twine or ribbon, and essential oils.


1. Soak pine cones for about an hour to get rid of critters if you got them from outside. 

2. Lay the cones out on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake them in a 200º oven for about 30 minutes. This helps the cones open up. 

3. Once they have cooled, place them in a ziplock bag. Sprinkle about 30 drops of Cinnamon Bark essential oil on the cones in the bag. Cinnamon bark/Clove is also a great combo. 

4. Let them sit in the bag for 1-2 weeks. Place in your favorite holiday bowl and enjoy the amazing holiday scent. Hang them on the tree or decorate a gift bag by hanging one from the handle. 

DIY Peppermint Foot Scrub

DIY Peppermint Foot Scrub
With the cooler weather already here my skin always seams to get a little dry especially my feet. I love this peppermint sugar scrub because the cooling peppermint is very soothing to tired feet after a long day of holiday shopping and the coconut oils leaves them feeling super soft! This is very easy to make and another one you can have the little ones help with too!

Here is what you need:
Pint size wide mouth mason jar
3/4 cup organic sugar
1/3 cup cold pressed coconut oil (I get mine at Costco)

1. In a glass or metal mixing bowl combine sugar and coconut oil. (Coconut oil will mix better if it’s warm. so if your house is chilly set it next to a heat vent for a little bit before you use it to soften it).
2. Add essential oils and mix again. 
3. Scoop into mason jar and replace the lid. 
4. Decorate with a cute label and a candy cane for a festive gift.

You can try this exact same recipe with so many different essential oils like Lavender (very calming and soothing), or Citrus Fresh (energizing and invigorating) or Panaway (soothing for tired muscles).

This oil can be diffused to create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks. You can also apply it topically to create a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, which can be very soothing after hard physical activity.  Peppermint Vitality can also support healthy digestive function and gastrointestinal comfort. This versatile oil can make its way into baked goods, beverages, and even entrees for the more daring! Taken daily in a gel capsule, this powerful essential oil can support your overall digestive function. 

Ready to get started with essential oils?
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DIY Holiday Room Spray

DIY Holiday Room Spray
Want to keep your home smelling holiday fresh during your gatherings this season without the toxic chemicals? Making your own room spray is very simple and you can change the scent for every season. These make great little hostess gifts too!

Here is what you will need:
2 oz. glass spray bottle
1 oz. witch hazel or  vodka
1 oz. distilled water
Pinch of salt
10 drops Christmas Spirit essential oil
4 drops Thieves essential oil 

1. Add salt to the glass bottle then add essential oils. (the essential oils adsorb in the salt and will disperse more evenly once liquids are added)
2. Add 1 oz. witch hazel or vodka and 1 oz. distilled of purified water.
3. Replace spray top and shake well to mix. 

I love to leave one of these in my bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. Also great to spray the room, linens, and garbage can to keep it for getting stinky. I love this combination because it helps clear the air of odor and anything that could be flying around during cold season. 

Thieves essential oil blend is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. Thieves Vitality (internal use) provides overall wellness and support for a healthy immune system. Use this blend as an addition to your daily wellness regimen. Its sweet, spicy flavor from oils such as Clove, Lemon, and Cinnamon Bark give a comforting seasoning to warm food and  drinks. 

Christmas Spirit taps into the happiness, joy, and comfort associated with the holiday season. It combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce to create a warm, spicy, and sweet Christmas essential oil blend that’s sure to be loved by everyone in the family. Diffuse it during the holidays and winter months to help children, family, and friends reminisce over the past and create new memories for the future. 

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Holiday Diffuser Ornaments

Holiday Diffuser Ornaments
I have another fun and easy DIY holiday gift idea! These holiday diffuser ornaments are a cute way to give the delicious scents of the holidays to your friends and family. 

Here is what you need:
Small round pieces of wood (you can get these at the craft store or call your dad over to help you slice some with a miter saw :) 
Rubber stamps & stamp pad
Black acrylic paint (optional)
Mini jungle bells (These are from the $ store)
Some ribbon or twine
You creative imagination :)

To make:
1. Cut slices of wood about 1/4 inch thick and drill a small hole toward the top. Or purchase the pre-cut ones from the craft store and drill a small hole. 
2. You can either stamp your wood piece with a saying or a fun holiday picture or paint the surface black and use a chalk pen or rubber stamp with white ink for a chalk board look.
3. cut a length of string about 12 " long and string three mini jungle bells in the center and tie twice to secure. Then lace string through hole in ornament and tie at top to secure. 
4. Tie a piece of ribbon around the string in a bow at the top of the ornament.
5. Add a few drops of your favorite holiday scented essential oil to the back of the ornament. Hang on your tree or an ornament stand and enjoy the scent of the holidays!
Here are some of my favorite scents to use:
Pine Essential Oil: Pine essential oil has a refreshing and empowering aroma. When diffused, this oil has a calming scent. 

Christmas Spirit: taps into the happiness, joy, and comfort associated with the holiday season. It combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce to create a warm, spicy, and sweet Christmas essential oil blend that’s sure to be loved by everyone in the family. 

Northern Lights Black Spruce: Diffuse this rich, woodsy, and invigorating scent during meditation to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere.  

Lavender Peppermint Soaking Salts

Lavender Peppermint Soaking Salts
Looking to get you DIY on and make some fun Holiday gifts for friends and family! Here is another super easy and fun recipe perfect for everyone on your list this year. Lavender Peppermint soaking salts are great for a relaxing bath or for a soothing foot soak after a long day of holiday shopping.

Here is what you need:
12 oz mason jar or larger
2 cups unscented Epsom salts
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tsp sweet almond oil or carrier oil of choice
¼ cup dried peppermint leaves
4 drops Lavender essential oil

In a bowl combine epsom salts, almond oil and essential oil and stir well to combine. Add in baking soda and peppermint leaves and stir well until mixed. Store in mason jar. To use add 2 heaping tbsp into muslin bag and add to tub of hot water soak and enjoy! 

*Don't have dried peppermint leaver or tea? No worries you can make this recipe using 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil in lieu of the peppermint leaves :)

Lavender Essential oil is actually one of the most well know essential oils. It has so many uses that it is jokingly called the swill army knife of essential oils.  Many lavender essential oils on the market are filled with synthetic fragrance and fillers so be sure you are using a high quality product to get the most therapeutic benefit like Young Living's Lavender

Aromatic: Diffuse lavender for focus, to create a calming atmosphere and for a more restful night sleep. 

Topical: Apply Lavender with a few drops of carrier oil on stressed skin. Try adding a few drops to a small glass spray bottle for a lovely pillow or linen spray. 

Internal: Add 1-2 drops of Lavender Vitality to your next batch of fresh squeezed lemonade or add into shortbread cookies for a tasty treat!

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