Essential Oil Infused Crystal Terrariums

Essential Oil Infused Crystal Terrariums
You know I love me some essential oils and I may be a little obsessed with crystals too :) This fun project combines two of my favorite things into a beautiful decorative piece to enjoy in any room of the house or even your desk in the office too :) Have little ones? Let them join in on the fun and create their very own.

The first step is to gather your supplies and go crystal shopping!!! Yay! This is by far the most fun part. Gathering little treasures to make into a work of art. Check out your local rock shop or metaphysical store, farmers markets (my daughter and I scored some nice polished stones and agates), ebay, or go through your collection and pick out pieces and put them on display. 

  • Terrariums or decorative pots (Check you local craft store. I snagged mine at Michael's and Joann's) 
  • Crystals or course :)
  • Sand, river rocks, or other small decorative pebbles (Check the craft store and even the $ store)
  • Air plants and/succulents (I ordered my air plants on amazon and purchased some small succulents from Lowe's.)
  • Other decorative things like moss, bark, figurines etc... the possibilities are endless!
  • Your favorite essential oils
  1. First step is to clean your terrarium and you will need your Lemon essential oil for this. Mine had so many sticky price tags on them. Put a few drops of lemon oil on a cloth and wipe away that sticky gunk from the price tags. So easy!
  2. Chose your crystals. I chose to use Amethyst, Pyrite and Quartz for three of my arrangements.  
  3. Next I simply added in some sand or pebbles to the bottom of the terrarium just to the underside to the opening.
  4.  Next place your air plants and crystals. Have fun with it! Move things around and try different configurations. 
You can also make some using little plants and succulents. For mine I chose this larger shallow glass bowl. I arranged the plants, filled it in with dirt then added river rocks and moss on top. Then found this awesome quartz cluster for the center piece and added a few quartz points and geodes in between the plants.

 Perfect little project for you and the kids to do! My 4 year old daughter had so much fun playing around with adding things and moving them around and it was so fun to see her little creative mind at work!

So you might be thinking where do the essential oils come in? 
So now that you have your arrangements complete you can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the sand or pebbles (not the crystals) and they will smell amazing! You can even go as far as making little clay pieces or add pieces of wood or bark and add the essential oils to those as well. You can choose any oil that speaks to you but one of my favorite combinations is Lavender and Amethyst. 

Lavender & Amethyst 
These two are recommended together often because the highest resonance is between amethyst and Lavender.  Amethyst is a great stone for protection and can help with intuition and insight, connecting to your higher self, manifestation, stress and anxiety. It is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. Similarly Lavender is also an amazing essential oil to relax and calm the mind and body and is associated with the third eye and crown chakra and its frequency may help with emotional and spiritual connection.  

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