Pumpkin Spice Coffee Flavor
It's September and the official start to fall and everything pumpkin spice!!! Want that delicious pumpkin spice flavor without the extra calories, sugar, artificial flavoring and $5 a cup price tag? By adding essential oils to your coffee grounds before you brew you can get that delicious flavor right at home! 

  1. Find and old empty 5 ml essential oil bottle that is the same as one of the oils in the recipe. (I used an old cinnamon bark bottle). No need to wash it out since you are using one that is in the recipe.  If you do not have one you could use a glass dropper bottle too.
  2. Remove old label. If there is still sticky residue on the bottle, a drop or two of Lemon oil on a paper towel will take that sticky right off.
  3. Pop off the plastic orifice reducer and add drops of essential oil to bottle. Replace orifice reducer and cap then shake well to combine.
  4. For a single cup of coffee you can add anywhere from 2-4 drops into the coffee grounds before you brew your coffee. You don't want to add the oil directly into your cup of coffee because they will sit on the top and you will drink it all in your first sip :) I have a stainless steel reusable K-cup that I fill with my coffee and it works great. 
  5. For a full pot of coffee you will need to play around with how many drops depending on how strong you want the flavor but start with 1-2 drops per cup. 
  6. I like to finish mine off with a little almond milk and a little bit of raw local honey (great immune boosting enzymes and much better than refined cane sugar) or coconut sugar (again better than cane sugar and easier fro your body to process). 
  7. Sip and enjoy! Play around with you can tailor this recipe to your own tastes. Other oils to try are Orange Vitlaity, Thieves Vitality, Cardamom Vitality or simple use a drop of Clove or Cinnamon Bark Vitality too! 

A little bit more about the oils in this blend

Cinnamon Bark vitality essential oil is amazing at supporting your immune system. It is one of the essential oils in the Thieves blend along with clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. Historically cinnamon is considered the most ancient of spices and was included in just about every prescription issued in ancient China. Cinnamon itself has antibacterial properties to it as well.

Clove vitality essential oil supports the cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory systems.
Historically cloves have been used for skin infection, digestive upsets, intestinal parasites and toothaches. Historically the Chinese use cloves for diarrhea, bad breath and bronchitis. It's aromatic influence can be healing, mentally stimulating, and crate a feeling of protection and courage.

Nutmeg Vitality essential oil has a sweet and distinctly spicy taste and is particularly good for enhancing the flavor of winter produce such as acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Historically nutmeg has been used for digestive problems and to support the kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Ginger Vitality essential oil is great for supporting the digestive and nervous systems. Its aromatic influence have been used to influence physical energy and courage. Historically Ginger root has been used for the digestive system. It was used in Egyptian cuisine to ward off epidemics, in Roman wine as an aphrodisiac, in Indian tea to soothe upset stomachs and Chinese tonics to strengthen the heart and relieve head congestion.

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