Michelle Meier
Holiday DIY Gifts
with Essential Oils

Ready to get crafty and make some fun and easy holiday gifts that are sure to please everyone on your list?! Scroll down to access the recipes and find other tips for using essential oils this holiday season.
Essential Oil Infused Olive Oil and Vinegar

Looking for something for the person who loves to cook? Try these delicious and simple essential oil infused oils and vinegar. Perfect for using as a base for cooking or use as bread dippers or salad dressings. 

Essential Oil Infused Sea Salts

Need a 0.2-second way to make any meal soar? Just a pinch of salt—essential oil-infused salt, that is—takes any dish from totally decent to totally delectable! With a few Vitality™ oils, a bit of salt, and a handful of minutes, you’ll finally have the secret ingredient every master chef needs.

Essential Oil Infused Tea

Looking for a unique gift for a teacher, co-worker, friends or family? These super cute tea ornaments are very simple to make and who doesn't like a nice warm cup of tea on a cold day :)

Wood Slice Holiday Diffuser Ornament 

These holiday diffuser ornaments are a cute way to give the delicious scents of the holidays to your friends and family. 

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

This is a fun and easy DIY project that you can have the kids help with too! So bundle up, head outside and take a nature walk to find some pinecones and make the prefect holiday gift. Plus many more DIY Holiday gifts too! 

Information courtesy of Michelle Meier