Essential Oil Diffuser Buddies
Looking for a fun and easy project to make with your little oilers? Diffuser buddies are a simple and inexpensive way for your kids to take their favorite oils on the go.  Clip it to their backpack for school, on the pocket of their shirt or pants or anywhere they like. You can get really creative or keep it simple. 

Here is what you need:
Wooden cloths pins (you can get these at these $ store or the $ bin at Target)
Felt stickers (you can get these at a craft store or on amazon)
Your child's favorite Young Living  essential oils

To make:
1. Pick a cloths pin. If you have plane cloths pins you can decorate them with markers or glitter paint.
2. Apply felt sticker to the push part of the cloths pin (not the clip end)
3. Add a drop or two of essential oil.
4. Clip on your child's back pack, clothes, or favorite stuffed animal. 

Essential Oils Great for the Little Ones
This is by far my little ones favorite essential oil. Lavender is very calming and relaxing and a great oil for helping kids settle down at bedtime. It is also very soothing when applied to stressed skin. 

This oil is great for kids who need a little courage. It is very calming and can help with confidence ans self-esteem. My little one asks for this oil often :) 

This is a great blend for hyperactive children. It is very calming and promotes peace and relaxation making it a great oil before bedtime. 

This blend is formulated to help stimulate the mind and help your little ones focus. This is a great oil to add to their diffuser buddy for school or when they are doing homework.

Wan to learn more about using essential oils with the little ones?


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