Essential Oil Infused Tea Ornaments
Looking for a unique gift for a teacher, co-worker, friends or family? These super cute tea ornaments are very simple to make and who doesn't like a nice warm cup of tea on a cold day :)

Here is what you will need: 
Large glass ornament (3.25 inches, I got mine at the craft store)
1/2 cup loose leaf tea (I used organic English Breakfast)
1-2 tsp  dried orange peal (optional but looks cute:)
Chop Stick

  1. Rise out glass bulbs and let dry
  2. Add essential oils inside glass bulb, swirling  to cover the inside
  3. Insert funnel and slowly pour in loos tea. If the tea gets stuck in the funnel this is where the chopstick comes in. Gently poke until the tea falls through. (DO NOT poke too hard as you could break the ornament.)
  4. Add in 1-2 tsp of dried orange peel.
  5. Add top back on ornament and shake to mix well.
  6. Let infuse for at least three days before serving.
  7. To serve add 1 tsp to a tea steeper of tea bag and steep for 4-5 minutes, enjoy!
Now it's time to decorate! Add a bit of ribbon,  maybe a sprig of berries from the craft store and a cute tag and you have a unique gift to give this holiday season. Pair it with a nice mug to make a little set. 


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