Cleanse your body with Detox Baths
Everyday we are exposed to many harmful chemicals and toxins that we unfortunately don't have much control over. While we CAN control the products we apply to our skin, supplements we take, what we clean our homes with and feed our families we cannot control the environment outside of our homes. So we need to help  out a little so that we can remove these toxins from our bodies naturally.

What is Bioaccumulation?
Bioaccumulation is the accumulation of substances, such as pesticides, or other chemicals in an organism, human. When an organism absorbs a substance at a rate faster than that at which the substance can be excreted is has to find somewhere to go. Unfortunately because we were never meant to consume things like Glyphosate in our foods or apply Parabens to our skin our bodies do not know how to process them and ultimately store them our fat cells that surround our organs. This puts a strain on our body and the immune response.

What can I do?
First and foremost start reading your labels and choose natural, plant-based personal care products, cleaning products & supplements, eat organic and non GMO foods and detox your body. Over the past 5 years my family and I have switched over all of our products to Young Living. Their Seed to Seal guarantee is something I trust and I no longer have to worry about reading my labels because I know their products don't contain the chemicals and toxins.

Help your body detox
Have you tried detox baths? This is a great way to help your body to eliminate toxins through the skin. Our skin is our largest organ so this is a great place to start. I love to do a simple detox bath with Epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils. The magnesium in the Epsom salts helps to reduce inflammation & support nerve, muscle and proper artery function. The sulfates are known to flush toxins and heavy metals from the body, which helps ease discomfort caused by muscle aches and pains. Baking Soda helps the body detox, alkalizes the body and helps to adsorb heavy metals.

You’ll need:
½ -1 cup unscented Epsom salts
¼ cup baking soda
Essential Oils

Mix together 1/2-1 cup of Epsom salts with 1/4 cup baking soda in a glass mason jar.  Add essential oils to salts and mix. (4-8 drops)
Pour under warm/hot water (the warmer the water the more your pores will open to detox).
Soak for 30 minutes then rinse off in a cool shower after.
* May make you sleepy so use before bed and drink plenty of water after.

Here are some of my favorite  essential oils to use in a detox baths

Wellness Detox Bath
Add 4-5 drops of Thieves essential oils to epsom salts

Sleepy Time Detox Bath
Add 4- 5 drops of Lavender or Peace & Calming essential oils to epsom salts

Breathe Deep Detox Bath
Add 4-5 drops of R.C. or Raven essential oils oils to epsom salts

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