Elderberry Wellness Juice
With school starting for the very first time for my little one I want to make sure that we are supporting her immune system and all of ours too.  Among many things like supporting our gut health by taking probiotics  (we like MightyPro and Life 9) and using various  essential oils we also like to take Elderberry juice to help support our immune systems.   

Elderberries are high in antioxidants and flavonoids  and have a long history as a medicinal plant used for common colds, Influenza, and an immune strengthener. Historically the berries have been used for bronchitis, cough, upper respiratory cold infections and fever. Black elderberry has anti-inflammatory properties, can reverse the signs of aging and can lesson symptoms of viral flu infections. (1) *these statements are not approved by the FDA. 

The berries need to be cooked to be eaten so making them into a wellness juice is a great way to make them part of your everyday wellness routine. The process is very easy and only takes about 30 minutes. First you start off by adding 1/2 cup of dried elderberries (I got mine here) to 3 cups of distilled water in a pot and bring them to a boil. Once boiling turn the temperature down and simmer for 30 minutes. While they are simmering take 1 cup of raw local honey and add essential oils. It is important to only use high quality food grade essential oils like the Young Living Vitality Line. These essential oils are for dietary purposes. 

Set oil infused honey aside. Once elderberries have simmered for 30 minutes strain into a glass or stainless steel bowl. Squeeze the rest of the juice out of the elderberries and let cool. It is important to let the juice cool below 95 degrees F before adding the oils infused honey. Raw honey looses important enzymes and therapeutic benefits if heated over 95 degrees. Once cooled stir in the oil infused honey until well combined. Pour into a quart size mason jar and store in the refrigerator. 

We like to take this in the fall and winter months as part of our daily regimen to support our immune systems. For adults take 1 tbsp a day and kids 1-2 tsp a day.

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