Pumpkin Spice Coffee Flavor

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Flavor
It's September and the official start to fall and everything pumpkin spice!!! Want that delicious pumpkin spice flavor without the extra calories, sugar, artificial flavoring and $5 a cup price tag? By adding essential oils to your coffee grounds before you brew you can get that delicious flavor right at home! 

  1. Find and old empty 5 ml essential oil bottle that is the same as one of the oils in the recipe. (I used an old cinnamon bark bottle). No need to wash it out since you are using one that is in the recipe.  If you do not have one you could use a glass dropper bottle too.
  2. Remove old label. If there is still sticky residue on the bottle, a drop or two of Lemon oil on a paper towel will take that sticky right off.
  3. Pop off the plastic orifice reducer and add drops of essential oil to bottle. Replace orifice reducer and cap then shake well to combine.
  4. For a single cup of coffee you can add anywhere from 2-4 drops into the coffee grounds before you brew your coffee. You don't want to add the oil directly into your cup of coffee because they will sit on the top and you will drink it all in your first sip :) I have a stainless steel reusable K-cup that I fill with my coffee and it works great. 
  5. For a full pot of coffee you will need to play around with how many drops depending on how strong you want the flavor but start with 1-2 drops per cup. 
  6. I like to finish mine off with a little almond milk and a little bit of raw local honey (great immune boosting enzymes and much better than refined cane sugar) or coconut sugar (again better than cane sugar and easier fro your body to process). 
  7. Sip and enjoy! Play around with you can tailor this recipe to your own tastes. Other oils to try are Orange Vitlaity, Thieves Vitality, Cardamom Vitality or simple use a drop of Clove or Cinnamon Bark Vitality too! 

A little bit more about the oils in this blend

Cinnamon Bark vitality essential oil is amazing at supporting your immune system. It is one of the essential oils in the Thieves blend along with clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. Historically cinnamon is considered the most ancient of spices and was included in just about every prescription issued in ancient China. Cinnamon itself has antibacterial properties to it as well.

Clove vitality essential oil supports the cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory systems.
Historically cloves have been used for skin infection, digestive upsets, intestinal parasites and toothaches. Historically the Chinese use cloves for diarrhea, bad breath and bronchitis. It's aromatic influence can be healing, mentally stimulating, and crate a feeling of protection and courage.

Nutmeg Vitality essential oil has a sweet and distinctly spicy taste and is particularly good for enhancing the flavor of winter produce such as acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Historically nutmeg has been used for digestive problems and to support the kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Ginger Vitality essential oil is great for supporting the digestive and nervous systems. Its aromatic influence have been used to influence physical energy and courage. Historically Ginger root has been used for the digestive system. It was used in Egyptian cuisine to ward off epidemics, in Roman wine as an aphrodisiac, in Indian tea to soothe upset stomachs and Chinese tonics to strengthen the heart and relieve head congestion.

Want to learn more about staying healthy Naturally this fall? 
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DIY Yoga Mat Spray

DIY Yoga Mat Spray
I love Yoga! Seriously has been the best thing ever to help me calm my busy mind and find peace in the chaotic world as a mom to a very active toddler :) I also love my cork yoga mat and want to keep it clean and fresh without any hidden toxins in conventional cleaning products or synthetic fragrance. This DIY Yoga Mat Spray recipe is super simple and is small enough to take to the studio with you.  

When we do yoga or other physical activities we sweat and it may drip on our yoga mats (or soak them :). Did you know that the B.O. stink is  caused by as process of bacteria breaking down the sweat? Bacteria thrive in dark moist environments, like your armpits and groin. When you sweat, the bacteria breaks down certain proteins in the sweat into acids causing that BO smell. So get rid of the bacteria stop the stink :) This DIY spray uses essential oils that are from aromatic plants that historically have been used to keep the bacteria away. 

2 oz. Glass spray bottle
Distilled water

Add essential oils to glass bottle and fill with distilled water. Screw on spray top, shake and spray. Literally that is it! 

You can take this spray on the go to clean your mat and if you are feeling a little stinky yourself a little spray under the pits too :) I like to clean my mat at home myself because I like to roll it out and make sure its dry before I roll it back up but you do not have too. (I ma just weird:) 

Essential Oils
I love Tea Tree. This is seriously what I use for under arm deodorant. I added a roll-on top to my bottle and I just roll it on in the morning and its easy to take with me to refresh on a hot summer day. Tea Tree is very cleansing and purifying. Its great to dab on the occasional blemish and bug bite too. Helps maintain healthy-looking hair and scalp and maintains the appearance of healthy skin and nails when applied to feet and toenails. 

Thieves is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils. Thieves is very cleansing when applied topically and neutralizes and purifies the air from strong odors when diffused. It has a spicy scent that I am obsessed with. When taken Internally Thieves Vitality supports overall wellness and a healthy immune and digestive system.

To learn more ways to use essential oils in your yoga practice click here for my free digital guide. 

Lavender Amethyst Eye Pillow

Lavender Amethyst Eye Pillow
I love a good eye pillow! I have been using them for years but my old one was looking pretty yucky and was not washable. So I decided to step up my DIY eye pillow game and make one that has a washable cover but has other amazing soothing elements to it like lavender essential oil and amethyst crystals. I love to use my eye pillow at night to block out the light and love using one when I meditate. 

Piece of fabric 11" x 6.5", I used unbleached muslin (eye pillow)
Sewing Machine (but you could totally do this by hand too :)
Pieces of decorative fabric 7" x 26" (eye pillow cover)

Filling Supplies:
2 cups organic flax seeds
1 cup pink Himalayan Salt
1 cup dried lavender
1/4 cup small tumbled amethyst chips (I got mine on ebay)

Eye Pillow Directions
  1. Cut muslin fabric 11" x 6".  Pin and sew a 1/4" seam on 3 sides leaving one end open.
  2. Iron seams open.
  3. Turn right side out and sew flat. Turn ends in about a 1/4" and iron flat
  4. Using a funnel fill eye pillow about 1/2 way full. I used 2 cups of flax seeds, 1 cup pink Himalayan salt, 1 cup dried lavender, 1/4 cup amethyst chips and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. I added all the ingredients to a bowl and mix them well before adding to the eye pillow. Sew ends closed.
* You could totally stop here for a quick and easy project but if you would like to be able to wash the cover see steps below. 

Eye Pillow Cover Directions
  1. Cut a piece of decorative fabric 26" x 7"
  2. Fold over each end twice about 1/4" each fold and iron. This will give you a nice finished seam.
  3. Stitch each end to secure.
  4. Fold wrong sides fabric over, overlapping ends. Should be 11" long once folded. Pin to secure. Sew both sides with a 1/2" seam.

5. Iron seams open
6. Turn right side out and iron flat. 
7. Insert filled eye pillow into cover
8. Lay down and place eye pillow over eyes and relax :) 

You may be wondering why I chose the filling ingredients for this specific eye pillow. So here is a little run down of the benefits.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds give the eye pillow a nice weight. Having a weighted eye pillow can penetrate the vagus nerve which controls many critical body functions such as: mood, immune response, digestion and heart rate. The light pressure of the eye pillow on your eyelids ends messages to this nerve to calm and relax. Click here for more info about eye pillow benefits. 

Pink Himalayan Salt
There are a million benefits to this amazing salt but why I chose it for the eye pillow is that historically salt has been used for protection, purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity. It is very grounding and can help center your energy as well. 

Both dried lavender and Lavender essential oil are used in the this recipe. Lavenders' aromatic influence is very calming and relaxing, promotes consciousness, love, peace and a general sense of well-being. Lavender has been used to promote rest and relaxation and also has a spiritual frequency which can help to open the third eye chakra. 

Amethyst Crystals
Amethyst is a great stone for protection and can help with intuition and insight, connecting to your higher self, manifestation, reduce stress and anxiety. It is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It resonates well with Lavender essential oils making them a perfect pair for this recipe. 

All of these ingredients work well together to balance energy, calm and relax you and aid in your meditation practice. 

Want to lean more about using Lavender and Amethyst together? Check out my recent blog post: Essential oils infused crystal terrariums

New to Essential Oils? 
Have you been wanting to learn a little more about essential oils?
 Click here for access to my free digital guide Essential Oils 101. 

Want to learn more about using crystals and essential oils together?!
Click here to learn about pairing oils and crystals together.

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Heart Opening Essential Oil & Crystal Perfume

Heart Opening Essential Oil & Crystal Perfume
Want to wear a delicious scent without all of the harmful toxins in conventional perfumes? You can easily make your own DIY natural parfum using a few simple ingredients you already have and essential oils. 

So what's wrong with Parfum?
Conventional parfumes are made using "fragrance". Companies do not have to label what ingredients are in their parfum because of the Trade Secrets Act. So we as the consumer have absolutely no idea what harmful toxins are in anything that is labeled with "fragrance" as an ingredient. Chemicals in fragrance are so toxic studies have shown that breathing them in as just as bad as breathing in second hand smoke. 

How to get started?
I'm going to share one of my favorite recipes here for a natural DIY parfum but I need to give credit to Melissa Poepping and her book Essential ParfumerieThis girl has done all of the work for us ladies and come up with some seriously amazing recipes using essential oils. She even came out with a book with men's cologne recipes too!

Heart Opening Essential Oil & Crystal Parfum
18 drops Cold pressed clear organic vanilla 
80 Proof Vodka
Distilled water
Rose quartz tumbled chips *

You can make this into a parfum roll-on or a parfum spray. 

Parfum Roll-on Directions
  1. Select a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle with a stainless steel roller fitment. 
  2. Add a few rose quartz tumbled chips to the bottle.
  3. Add essential oils to bottle and fill with 80 proof vodka, being careful not to overfill.
  4. Add roll-on top and tighten with cap. 
  5. Shake well before each use and roll-on
Parfum Spray Directions
  1. Select a 2 oz glass fine mist spray bottle. 
  2. Add a few rose quartz tumbled chips to the bottle.
  3. Add essential oils to bottle and fill with 1 oz 80 proof vodka and 1 oz distilled water,  being careful not to overfill.
  4. Add spray top.
  5. Shake well before each use and roll-on
I love to apply of spray this blend right over my heart to help open up the heart chakra and let love flow in and out. 

What is the Heart Chakra? 
Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest and is the central energy center of your body with the three higher chakras located above it and the three lower chakras located below it. The heart chakra is your center of love, compassion, and spirituality. With in this chakra resides the energies of courage, forgiveness, peace, gratitude, and connectivity. Essential oils like Rose and Bergamot can help open the heart chakra and radiate love energy.

If you are new to the chakra system a book I love is Chakra Balance by April Pfender

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Women's Wellness Tea

Women's Wellness Tea
Hormones kind of run the show in our bodies.  Not having a happy balanced endocrine system can lead to stress, anxiety and many other issues. Take it from me I have personally been there and it's not a tea party :) So it is very important to learn ways to support our endocrine system and one way is with this delicious Women's Wellness Tea.

So What is the Endocrine System?
Your endocrine system is made up of a network of glands. These glands secrete hormones to regulate many body functions, including growth, metabolism, tissue function, sexual reproduction, sleep, emotions, cravings, etc. Endocrine diseases (hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, adrenal fatigue, etc.) are common and usually occur when glands produce an incorrect amount of hormones.

Given all of that, we want to make sure that we show our endocrine system lots of love so it functions as optimally as possible. But it's important to recognize the signs of endocrine and hormonal imbalance. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include:
  • Infertility and irregular periods
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss 
  • Insomnia
  • Hot Flashes
  • Low libido
  • Changes in appetite
  • Hair loss and hair thinning
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive troubles
Do any of those signs sound familiar? The good news is that when we support our endocrine system with healthy eating habits, healthy sleep habits, essential oils and supplements, and when we eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals that contribute to the depletion of healthy hormone levels, our bodies have an amazing ability to restore balance! 

Women's Wellness Tea
8 oz. glass mason jar
1/2 cup Organic dried Red Raspberry Leaf

  1. Add 8 drops of EndoFlex Vitality Essential Oil to the sides of mason jar. Turning the jar to coat the sides.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of dried organic red raspberry leaf.
  3. Put lid on jar. Turn the jar on it's side and with a rolling motion mix the tea around the sides of the jar so that it will pick up the essential oils. 
  4. Each day for the next three days turn jar to mix up the tea a few times.
  5. After three days your tea is infused with the endocrine system support of EndoFlex and Red Raspberry Leaf :)
  6. Add 1 tsp to a tea steeper or natural unbleached tea bag, add boil water and steep for 8-10 minutes. 
EndoFlex Vitality is a blend of  Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and German Chamomile essential oils.  This unique blend supports a healthy lifestyle and is a perfect addition to your daily wellness regimen. This blend may be balancing and In addition to the popular Spearmint Vitality essential oil, EndoFlex Vitality oil features Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and German Chamomile supportive to the endocrine system. 

This nutrient and mineral dense herb has a taste that is similar to a black tea but does not contain any caffeine.  The unique profile of red raspberry leaf makes it beneficial in supporting the female reproductive system, immune system, and overall women's health and wellness. 

For Instant Access to more information about supporting Women's Wellness naturally click here link below for a free digital class. 

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